My journey to nursery admission in Noida and Indirapuram(Ghaziabad)

This article is about the nursery admission process of my daughter for the session 2018-2019 in Noida and Indirapuram.

I have learned from many forums that nursery admission in NCR is a tough nut to crack and time consuming. A parent has to short-list various schools from number of schools according to the following criteria:

  1. Reputation based on results
  2. Location
  3. Academics and extra-curricular activities (like sports)
  4. Student-Teacher ratio
  5. Fees

The schools in Noida and Indirapuram can be categorized as below:

  1. Traditional schools (old) - These schools follow the academics. They have less extra-curricular activities. Have non-AC classrooms. Fees - Rs.5000/- per month. Example: Vishwa Bharti Pulic School, Bal Bharti School, St. Francis, Father Agnel, Somerville.
  2. Traditional Schools with a BRAND name - They also focus on academics and some extra curricular activities: DPS noida, Amity Noida, Apeejay, Amity Vasundhara-6. Fees - Rs. 8000/- per month.
  3. New schools - These follow academics with new teaching methods. Also focus on extra curricular activities. The Shriram Millenium, Lotus Valley, StepbyStep, Pathways School.Fees- Rs.12000/- per month.

Apart from the monthly fees there will be other expenses like annual charges and transportation charges.

  • For traditional schools(old) other charges will be approx 3000/- per month.
  • For traditional schools with brand name other charges will be approx 4000/- to 5000/- per month
  • For new schools the other charges will be approx 8000-9000/- per month

We short-listed the following schools in priority order:

  1. Father AgnelSchool, Noida FASN website
  2. Amity International School, Noida AIS, Noida website
  3. Vishwa Bharti Public school, Noida vbpsn website
  4. St. Francis, Indirapuram SFS, website
  5. Amity International School, Vasundhara, sec 6 AIS, AIS, vasundhara,6, website
  6. Cambridge, Noida(We were not eligible due to distance) Cambridge, Noida
  7. Somerville, noida (We were not eligible due to distance), Somerville, Noida
  8. Bal Bharti, Noida (We were not eligible due to distance), BBPS, Noida

Unfortunately the order that we have in our mind is most often not the order in which admissions are opened. We appeared for various interactions in the following order:

On 21st August 2017, we booked one seat in Amity Noida. Our result for Father Agnel was still pending. We dropped Vishwa Bharti, Amity-6 and St. Francis. So final call was between Father Agnel and Amity, Noida.

Interview questions faced during the process

Father Agnel School Noida Registration form
Amity, Noida and Vasundhara
General Interview Questions for nursery

Suggestions to parents seeking admission in nursery

  1. Try to fill and submit the form as early as possible. The school might select forms on “first come first in” basis.
  2. Prepare the common questions like: Why this school, Describe your child and Introduce yourself.
    3.Prepare, if possible, the all questions in General Interview Questions for Nursery
  3. During the interview, speak precisely. Do no interfere if the spouse is talking. Let him/her finish first.
  4. Prepare the child to answer questions on basic shapes, basic colors, an english and hindi rhymes, body parts, common fruits and vegetables. A good greeting from child like “hello” or “good morning” does wonders.
  5. Join for the admissions. It provides the details about the admission forms, documents. One can also discuss and compare about the various schools in Delhi and NCR.

All the best for the future and happy parenting!

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Plz can. U tell me/guide me which one u selected and why?. As I am in d same situation. And if I can have a word with u.

Hello Shweta,
We opted for Amity Noida, because of the following reasons:

  1. Less student-to-teacher ratio
  2. Focus of Indian values/culture
  3. Good Infrastucture


Hi smita. Can. I have ur number… My email id is

Hi Smita

I am a parent seeking admission for my child in Nursery from 2020-21 session. How has been experience with Amity in the past 1-2 years? How much is the fee over there? Do they charge extra in between the session as well for various activities. Please advise. This information would help me to make a decision.


Hello, Saurabh
Except the qaurter fees, AIS,Noida do not charge anything in between. The average fees (including transport) is Rs.14000/- pm.
AIS, Noida is a good school and I have no complaints.

Hey Smita, What’s your call between St. Francis Indrapuram vs Niscort Fr. Agnel Vaishali. As my daughter selected in both the schools.

Hi Anurag,
St. Francis, Indrapuram > Fr. Agnel Vaishali

Thanks Smita, We opted ST Francis :slight_smile:

Congratulations to you and kid!!
-Happy Parenting!!

Hi Smita, please advice/guide me as to I have to select between Cambridge, Indirapuram and Aspam, Noida. We as parents are very clueless and couldn’t be able to reach to the final decision.

Thanking you in anticipation !!

Mohit Jain

Hello Mohit,
ASPAM Scottish, Noida is a new school which all new facilities like smart classes, air conditions etc. It must be having fees on the higher side. You can get admission in this school anytime throughout the year. You will not get any positive or negative reviews about this school.

Cambridge, Indirapuram is a traditional school. It can be a value for money.
I would have prefer cambridge indirapuram over ASPAM, noida. Old schools are more established than the new ones.
Please take a call because above two schools cannot be compared.

Hi smita

We are a bit confused between Cambridge Noida and Mayoor school noida. Can you please suggest which will b a better option for our kid in nursery admission.

Hello Deepa,

Cambridge school, Noida is founded in 1981, while Mayoor school is founded in 2003.
Cambridge School is an old school which will provide basic facilites to child.
Mayoor school will provide ac and all facilities to child.

Although both the schools have mixed reviews about the academics.

Mayoor School is opened in collaboration with Mayo College, Ajmer. So, it is a branch to other school. Generally branches does not prove good.

Please take a call because both the schools have differences in terms of fees and facilities.


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Thanks Smita…
For now we have chosen Cambridge for its reputation being an old school of noida…Moreover I did some research on websites about the noida schools in which I found that cambridge is listed on top schools of noida and found no name of mayoor school… although infra and facilities are much better in Mayoor as compared to Cambridge.

Hello Deeps,
My heartiest Congratulations!!

Hi Smita,
Thank you for your informative post. My child has been selected for Cambridge school, Indirapuram for nursery session, 2020-2021. Since, our location is quite nearby Mayur Vihar, do you suggest, we should also try for schools like Ahlcon or Amity in that area or we should stick to Cambridge, Indirapuram? your suggestion would be really helpful!

Hello Raj,
Although, I have little knowledge about the schools in Mayur Vihar, but I think you should try other good schools in that area which might be better than Cambridge School Indrapuram.

Hi Smita,

My son is 4 Year old and I am looking for his admission in good school from Prep or SKG onwards. We have tried DPS Noida, Vishwa bhartati and Bal Bharati school. He got selected in DPS noida and the result for other two would be expected in early next week and we are hoping positive result. We would like to know which school would be better to consider among these three.


Hello Dev,
DPS Noida is best among all the three schools.