Interview Questions For Nursery Admissions


Below is the list of questions asked in nursery interviews in the schools of NCR region i.e. Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad.
The question have been collected from the website while the corresponding answers have been written by us with respect to our daughter.

1. What does your child like the most?
My child loves cycling, coloring activities, eating ice-cream and wearing new othes.

2. Any special incident or memorable moment that you would like to share about your child?

3. How do you define successful parenting?

  • Successful parent will give their child a happy, healthy, safe and secure environment for emotional and physical growth of child.
  • Successful Parenting means giving child a comfort level where he/she can share anything with you. He does not really have to look for friends/company outside to express himself.

4. How do you expect the school to contribute in your child’s life?
As a parent, I hope that when I leave my son or daughter at school they are safe, happy and, ultimately, learning. Few points which I expect from school are:

  • Committed, happy and effective teaching staff
  • A safe school environment
  • Intellectual and emotional growth fostered by the school
  • Strong home/school communication
  • A fun and supportive school environment
  • To be involved and ‘kept in the loop’

5. How do you deal with discipline issues with your child?
Disciplining the child can be done by:

  • Giving them rewards on their good behavior
  • Taking away privileges for their bad behavior
  • Time outs. (A naughty corner, boring place in house to be stand for naughty behaviour)
  • Do not “lecture” on natural consequences.
  • Be the role model.

6. Describe your child.

  • My child is very smart (she always think).
  • She is very creative. Build up her blocks in different manner.
  • She is stubborn. Stick to her own ideas.
  • She is independent. She can eat and wear clothes on her own.

7. How much time do you spend with your child ?
Whenever she want to be with me, I make myself available. Despite all the other routine activities, I spend around an hour with her like speaking, telling stories, playing with toys.etc.

8. What are your Child‟s hobbies?
She loves to collect thing like clothes, purse, money, toys and put those things her bag. She loves coloring and cycling too.

9. Who takes care of your child in your absence?
My husband takes care of kids.

10. What are the qualifications of child‟s parents and grandparents?

12. What does your child dislike the most?
I think she does not want to sleep. She does not like watching TV also.

13. How do you tackle your child‟s tantrums?
I try to divert his attention by talking to her on a different topic. Sometimes this does not work so I just ignore her for sometime.

14. How independent is your child?
She wear clothes herself, eat herself, pee herself.

15. What do you want your child to become in the future?
I want my child to develop as a happy and confident young person so that she can deal with the situations whatever life throws at her. She should have the self-confidence to take the right decision whenever required. I want my child to develop as good human being , a balanced personality , caring , loving & not harmful to society.

17. How would you develop the qualities of sharing & caring in your child?

  • Frequently used to tell her what is right and wrong.
  • Whenever she shows the selfish behaviour I let her know that what she did was not right.
  • We live the life what we teach so that children follow them.

18. Would you like to share something special about your child?
My child has a sharp memory.

19. What should you do when your child misbehaves in front of others?

  • I will stay calm and tries to calm her.
  • Will take her to lonely place and talk to her.
  • Love is the language which kid at this age can understand.

20. How do you make sure that your child eats a balanced and adequate healthy diet?

  • I have make a schedule for every 3 hours.
  • I give fruits, milk and dry fruits, daal and wheat atleast once each during the day.
  • Whatever we eat, I serve the same to kids. Kids wants to eat what we eat.
  • I do not force kids to eat.

21. What is your opinion about creating a routine in a child‟s life?

  • Routine eliminates power struggles. Activities like brushing, napping, dinner is what we do always at a particular time. Nagging is reduced.
  • Routine help kids cooperate.
  • Routine help kids learn to take charge of their own activities. Over time kids learn to brush, eat etc. without constant reminders. He feels independent and happy.
  • Routine helps kids to get on a schedule.

22. Can we provide some kind of justification on forcing our wishes onto the child?
That depends on the kind of wish. May be we can force him to eat a balanced diet or wear proper attire or behave in certain way despite the fact that the child wants to do otherwise. But that certainly does not mean that the parents must force the child to choose as per their liking as this will kill the child’s individuality. Every child is unique and we must learn to respect their wishes , ideas and thoughts.

23. How much time does father spend with child?
Whenever he is at home after 6:30pm and on weekends, he spends time with kids.He play games like ringa-ringa, teach her about circle, square ABC etc. He took her for cycling too.

61. How do you enhance the motor skills of your child ?

  • Gross motor skills are involved in movement and coordination of the arms, legs, and other large body parts and movements. They participate in actions such as running, crawling, swimming, etc.
  • Fine motor skills are involved in smaller movements that occur in the wrists, hands, fingers, and the feet and toes Running, Dancing, jumping enhance gross motor skills.Playing with dough, coloring with fingers, squeeze out a sponge, scribbling with pencil enhance fine motor skills.

24. To whom your child is more close and why?
My daughter is more close to her father because he used to be her caretaker during and after my second delivery.

25. What has been your child’s personal milestone till today in your opinion?
She started wearing clothes by herself, eating herself.

27. Being a parent is difficult or rewarding or frightening or wonderful. What is your opinion?

  • Difficult specially when you are back from work & your child wants to play with you,
  • Rewarding when you see smile on her face with your gestures,
  • Frightening - when I see mis-happenings with children in society,
  • Wonderful - Being a parent is the most beautiful experience of one’s life.

Is your child introvert or an extrovert?
Too early to type cast the child

28. What are your views on school giving homework to your child?

  • Helps child to develop positive and regular study habits
  • Helps child to work independently
  • Helps child to review his class work
  • Helps child to use resources like INTERNET, libraries etc.
  • Helps parents to review his classwork and thus communication between parent and child is increased.

30. What are different hobbies of your child?
Cycling and coloring

31. What are your goals for your child?
To become a good citizen and explorer.

32. Can you force your wishes on the child?
No, we cannot force our wishes, but we can manipulate the situation so that the child gets convinced.

33. Is Freedom=Responsibility? Comment on it as a parent.
Yes. For example, right to play with toys means playing safely and properly or putting them away at proper place. Parents should give freedom to child based on his ability.

34. Explain the role of books in child‟s life.

  • Stories can stimulate imagination and play
  • Sitting down with a book provides children with a time for quiet and calmness in their busy lives
  • Stories provoke curiosity and discussion
  • Books provides knowledge
  • Picture books help readers to develop an appreciation for art and writing
  • Reading a variety of books exposes children to a wide range of language features and vocabulary
  • Listening to stories assists in the development of literacy skills and language development

35. What is your child‟s favorite color?
I think Red is her favourite color.

36. What is your child‟s favorite game?
Ringa-Ringa, Blocks and Kitchen set

37. What is your child‟s favorite food?
As of now, she loves pooris and icecreams and fruits.

38. What is your child‟s favorite pet animal or bird?
Not noticed till now.

40. What makes your child happy?
If we let her contribute in our daily household activities, she is happy. Like watering plants, buying vegetables etc.

41. What makes your child sad?
I think at this age, a child will express all her wishes and we as a parent will try, if possible, to fulfill her desire. As of now, she never wants a television with anything else other than rhymes.

42. How important is discipline in child’s life?
There is a need and importance of discipline in our society and in everybody’s life. In our home, in schools in the playground and everywhere in this world discipline brings order. The absence of discipline brings disorder and chaos.
Discipline is important for kid’s safety, like looking both-ways while crossing the road, it is important for kid’s health . He should be disciplined to what to eat and what not to eat.

43. What are your priorities to search in a school while seeking admission in a particular school?

  • Balanced academics and extra curricular activities in school
  • Safety measures taken by school to avoid mis-happenings
  • Location of school

44. How do you spend your quality time with your child?
I generally play toys with her, sometimes we dance together. I take her for cycling as an outdoor activity. While on bed before sleep, she recites her rhymes or I recite 2-3 stories for her

45. How do you and your partner spend the leisure time with the child?
Mostly we all spend good time for an 1 hour after the dinner. My daughter used to recite her prayers (which she learn in her play school), her rhymes. Used to talk about the day she spend. We used to appreciate her for all she did good during the day or explain what she did wrong. Sometimes I recite stories if she wishes to hear.

46. What is your child‟s favorite indoor and outdoor activity?
She love playing with toys specially kitchen set or with blocks. She loves cycling as an outdoor activity

47. Are there any responsibilities given to your child from your side?
Yes, whenever she create a mess in house, I ask her to keep her toys and other light stuff like newspaper etc on proper place

48. Name the story book given to your child from your end in the recent past.
Story book by panchatantra - “The unfaithful friend”, Little Red Riding hood

50. Why are you choosing our school for getting admission for your child?
This is the best school in my vicinity. I have got good reviews about the quality of education and overall development of the child.

51. Do you have any kind of suggestions to improve the education at primary level?
Primary education should be enjoyable with different activity rooms and play areas.It should be non-judgmental. Kids should not be reviewed, judge and commented. This will slowly kill their free spirit and fundamental happiness.

52. What are your aspirations for the future of your child?
I think I want my kids to grow to be confident and happy young persons who can deal with whatever life throws at them.I just want that they have the self-confidence to make the right decision for themselves.

53. How do you perceive your role as a parent in the education of your child?
Parent are very much responsible in a child’s education. Parents have to give happy, healthy, safe and secure environment to the child. If a parent pays attention in educating a child in all aspect, the child will be a confident and successful person.

55. Name some of the important things a school should have for pre-school children.

  • Hygienic environment,
  • Pure water for drinking,
  • Healthy food to eat
  • Proper safety measures,
  • Activity rooms and play areas

56. Is your child fully trained with toilet and washroom manners?

57. What are your views with respect to the joint family versus nuclear family while focusing on the child‟s overall development?
Joint family is better for the development of the child, since the child gets to interact with a larger number of people. especially now, when most people have just one or 2 children, company is a must.

Grandparents are more patient with and have more time for the child. Even though we may be living in a nuclear family, we must take efforts to make the child aware of his extended family. This can include vacations spent with grandparents, relatives etc.

58. Did you send your child to the play school prior to the admission?

59. What could be the best thing given to your child as a parent?
My time

60. What do you believe in-formal or informal or combination of both kinds of education? Why?
Combination of both.

62. What is the best way to teach a preschooler to be courteous and appreciative?

63. You are writing a test for nursery admission and you realize that the person next to you is cheating, what would you do?

65. What are your views on the recent Gurgaon incident where a school boy shot his class mate? What in your opinion was missing?
Total case of negligence by parents.

66. What is the happiest moment in your day?
When I get my daughter in my arms.

69. What do you know about this school?

70. List out according to priority the expectations / end results from your child:
Happiness, achievement, academics, overall personality.Happiness, achievement, overall personality, academics

83. How well do I know my child

86. His favorite outfit

88. Identify the color name

89. recite a rhyme

90. shape recognition

91. Your son is playing in the block area. His friend knocks over block structure and in return your son hits his friend . What will you do and why?
First I will ensure that the friend is ok and will offer him water. Then I will ask my son to say sorry to his friend. Nobody can hit anybody in any situation. Then I will tell his friend about his behavior in a very polite and soft voice.

92. A parent comes to pick up their child and notices a bite received by your child. They become angry and demand to speak to you . How will you handle the situation?
I will say sorry to them and will make them ensure that this will not happen in future again. Then I will ask my child about the reason for doing such an act. Will explain her that she can never bite anybody in any situation.

93. A classroom is run on values. The values maybe designated by policy or influenced by the teachers and parents. What do you when a parent’s different values interfere with classroom procedures?

94. What you would do in a situation like if two children were fighting over a toy or if a child was not listening to you?
I will try to divert the attention of one of the child to some other toy or thing.

97. Your financial status ?
We can fulfil all the valid desire of our child

100. Whether mother is working or not if working who looks after the child in her absence ?
Non-working, Father

101. What is your philosophy of education?
Education is academics and values like honesty, compassion, justice, integrity, determination, consideration.

102. Do you think computer education is important for your child? Why?
Yes computer education is important. Child should be aware of the current technologies used so as to cope up with the environment.

103. How would you contribute to the growth of your child?

104. In what ways can you help the school? Academics, Software, Guidance

105. How would you handle if your child cannot cope up with the school work?

106. What values would you like your child to have?
Honesety, Compassion, Justice, Consideration, Determination

107.Are the cartoon channels beneficial or harmful according to you?
But I think mythological cartoons like krishna, ganesha, ramayna, mahabharat will be beneficial to kids

108. What age do you think is appropriate for a child to follow a “flexible” curriculum?

109. What are your expectations from your child and what is his/her biggest positive point?
I expect good and friendly behavior from my child.

110. What do you think are advantages and disadvantages of a composite school?

111. What is the role of a teacher in students’ life?
Teacher plays an important role after parents in molding the students. A good teacher can help the student to get success in their life by imparting the knowledge of career, education, behavior etc.

112. What do you do to establish good communication with your child?
Spending time with child and behaving in a friendly way will establish a good communication with child .

113. What age groups does your child interact with?
She does interaction with 1.5 year old, 2 year old, 3 year old and 8 year old children.

114. According to you, which activities in a school enhance creativity of a child?
Ans. Painting, building blocks, story telling can enhance creativity.

115. Mention a few reinforcement techniques you use with your child?

  • Giving a high five
  • Offering praise
  • Giving a hug or pat on the back
  • Giving a thumbs-up
  • Clapping and cheering
  • Telling another adult how proud I am of my child’s behavior while my child is listening

116. What are the restrictions put on your child by you and why?
I had put some restrictions on chocolates and chips which if taken on daily basis might affect the teeth and health of child. Restrictions on watching rhymes on TV for a particular time.

117. How should children utilize their free time?
They should pursue their hobby like cycling, painting, dancing. Meet friends and people for their social development.

118. What is more important for you and why…academic performance or social adjustments of your child?

119. What is your child’s relationship with his sibling?
She loves the company of her younger brother. At times she refuses to share her toys but we are trying to develop the feeling of sharing and caring.

120. Is your child toilet trained?

121. What does your child eat in the breakfast?

122. What do you want your child to become when he grows up?

123. What is your child’s daily routine?

124. Has your child been to any play school?

125. What benefits/gains do you see by having sent your child to a play school?

  • Friends which increases her social circle.
  • Play schools supports potty training
  • Enhances learning like rhymes, coloring, eating habits etc.
  • Play school gives confident for public speaking.

126. What languages are being used to communicate with the child at home?
English and Hindi

127 Studies or Extra Curricular activities - What is more important?
Balance of both
128. CBSE or ICSE Board or IB- How they are different? Which is better and why?

129. Which is your child’s favorite cartoon on TV?

130. Does your child play with computer?

131. Your views on the use of technology in school education?

132. Are you aware of the Internet?

133. Do you have a computer at home?

134. Have you used any websites for kids for online interactive learning?

135. What is Swine Flu and what precautions do you need to take against it?

136. Do you remember when was your child last given a vaccination and which vaccinations were given ?
Heapititis B , In the month of may 2017.

137.How to you plan to cope with change in your daily lifestyle once your child starts going to school?
I will wake u at 5am and try to finish all my household work before my child arrives. Will take a nap with her in the afternoon.

138. What would you do if your child cries during the first few days of going to school?
I will make her ensure that her teachers will take care of her more than I do.

139. Is your child introvert or an extrovert?
I think she is introvert right now. But trying to get extrovert. She loves seeing children playing in park.

140. How much time the grandparents spend with the child?

141. What makes your child unique?
I think she has has super memory and learning power.

142. How would like to treat your child?

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