Xbee - Part 2 - Which xbee module

There are various modules but the following two are most frequent in market

  • Series 1 XBee “ZigBee” module
  • Series 2 XBee “ZigBee” module

Series 1 and Series 2 modules are not compatible. So one should buy all series 2 or series 1. These can’t be mixed together. For any kind of network topology, I will suggest to use Series 2 modules. These are more advanced, powerful and supports more network topologies.

Network topologies

In my case I was using a star topology. Raspberry pi was the central controller and all the arduino were talking to it. There was no arduino-arduino communication.

Series 2 can support the following topologies.

Here coordinators and routers are series 2 xbee modules. The same module can be programmed to act as coordinator or router. End devices are actual devices, arduino and raspberry pi in our case.

Purchase option

I purchased the following one from Visha electronics in Mumbai. I bought 5 pieces of these, 850/- per piece.

XBee Module - ZB Series 2 - 2mW with Wire Antenna - XB24-Z7WIT-004

Visha electronics online price seems to be a lot different that from in-house price. So if you happens to be in Mumbai, suggest going to their shop and buying the stuff from them. They have got the best prices and huge variety.

Visha Electronics
7,Kalpana Bldg,1st Floor,Opp.Lamington Road Police Chowky,349,Lamington Road
PH : 022 – 3862650


If you need more details, please go over https://www.sparkfun.com/pages/xbee_guide