Things to consider when buying a sofa

Buying a few furniture for home always generates lots of excitement. Sofa set is an important feature of any home. A nice looking and comfortable sofa set takes away the day’s hardships. In my opinion when looking for a sofa set one should look for the below mentioned points.


  • First it only takes 4-5 days of efforts to build a new sofa set right from the scratch. So if you like a new sofa set in any show room, tell them you wouldn’t be purchasing the same piece but ask to get the same piece done right from the scratch.

  • Try to purchase the sofa set from the near by show rooms who have the carpenters in their pay rolls and who are willing to get the piece done right from the scratch.

  • Once you have zeroed upon a sofa set then ask them that you want to see the progress of your sofa set at the following stages

  • When the wooden frame for the sofa set is ready. Here one should check that the wood being used has no cracks and it has smooth finish. Inquire about the nature of the wood being used. It should be that of mango tree in most of the cases. It’s very rare to use Teak (sagwan) wood in the sofa set which are completely covered.

  • When the springs, juit and nivad has been set up in the sofa set. Over here make sure that the springs have been covered by using juit and nivad. Use of juit and nivad is very important.

  • Then ask for the seat that will be put on top of this nivad and juit. This seat is the single most important thing. If you don’t check for the quality of the seat then in most showrooms they will put multiple strips for the seat. In reality this should actually be a single seat. The density of the seat should be 40 and the thickness should be 4 inch.

  • Then this seat will be covered by a cloth that you have selected.

  • That’s all it takes to build a new sofa set right from the scratch.


  • The cost of the wood should be under 4000. Unless you have a sofa set where wood is visible and you are going to use teak wood. Please refer to my other blog about teak wood.

  • The cost of juit, nivad and other accessories should be under 2000.

  • The cost of the seat will vary by number of seats. But for a 5 seat one if you go for a good quality, it should be under 6000.

  • The cost of the cloth will vary. If you go for a good quality cloth it should be between 400 and 600 rupees per meter. Sofa set will require 8 to 10 meters of cloth. So this should also be under 6000.

  • Labor charges should be under 5000. If we assume 5 days of work.

  • All the costs summed up together should be under 23000.

Showrooms will then add their profit margins to this cost and will quote you a price.


If you have time and have interest then you can hire carpenters and get the sofa set done in front of your eys only. You will get the best of the quality with the best price. If that can’t be done and you opt to buy it from showroom then if you inspect the piece at the appropriate stages, you can still get the best of the quality but with an inflated charge. But if you leave up to the showrooms to handle this for you then in most of the cases you will get an inferior quality sofa set at the inflated charges.

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