Thank God - It was a Dream!


Last night I really tried hard to fight with my emotions during a weird dream. Although it was a dream, but may be a daydream for most of the people travelling frequently to USA - "Reaching USA (from India) in just 1 hour !! " :sunglasses:.

So the dream was like this:
My maternal uncle wants my mom and dad to travel to USA for few days. Because my mom could not sit for 18 hrs in plane (she is suffering for a heart disease for real), my uncle has book a high-technology aeroplane. This plane has few properties:

  1. It is an egg shaped plane with few seats.
  2. Every seat is equipped with high-tech electronics which is visible
  3. It will not move straight, but it will rotate in circular motion and linear motion.
  4. Last but but the least - It has the fastest speed of plane till yet designed - It will reach to America from India in just 1 hour .

Out of the above properties everybody knows just about the last one. i.e about its fast speed.

Now comes the tough part-
My Mom and dad sit in the egg-shaped plane. My uncle and me also sit side-by-side. But we both were sitting far from my mom and dad. It seems that my uncle was the pilot.
As soon as the plane starts rotating, i was like ohhh!! :astonished: I said to my uncle -" This is how we will rotate for 1 hour ?". Now, the plane speeds up and with that the rotation per second was increasing. After few seconds I was not able to sense the rotation. (Just like we could not see fan hands while rotating) Only my whole body was feeling the air pressure (May be the plane was not air tight) and the skin of my face was bulging up and down. I ask my uncle - “Will we be all deformed in one hour ?” He said YES, these are the side-effects. I was thinking that we will be again in shape in a day or so but till then we will look like aliens!!!
It was really scary to be in so fast travelling stuff. I was feelng was really scared about the fast speed, the rotating movements which we were not facing, my mom’s health during the journey and lot more…I was feeling so helpless in the dream :scream:
This dream was so real that when I woke up, I was like - OH!! Thank God It was a dream.

When I tell this dream to my mom, she burst in laughter. But, only I can understand the emotions during my travel to US :slight_smile:.