Texting in pdf file without pdf editor

This short post is about writing in a pdf file without having any pdf editor in the machine (OS: ubuntu).
The machine should be having some image editor (gimp, inkscape etc). I have gimp installed on my machine.

I have used this method in order to fill a form in pdf format. Since I do not have pdf editor I opt this method to do required changes in a pdf file.

I am sure that a pdf editor would be a better option to make changes in pdf file, but using this method I was able to make my signature as well.


  1. Open pdf file in image editor, e.g. xyz.pdf
  2. Make changes (text) in the opened file using text option. OR whatever changes you want to make using options in image editor.
  3. Save the file in png format, e.g. xyz.png.
  4. convert the png file to pdf file using command:
    convert xyz.png myfile.pdf