Sending a document overnight

Have you ever been in the situtation where you need a letter signed by some one who is let’s say at 12 hours away. What are the choices one has

  • Take a train/bus and reach the destination, get the paper signed and then come back. But in this case just the paper needs to travel and to make the paper travel, we are also travelling. Hence wasting money and energy.
  • Use speed post. But speed post is not fast enough. It might take 2 days to reach the letter at the destination and another 2 days to come back to you.
  • You can try to find whether some one is travelling and coming back the other day. If that is the case then you can always get your letter piggybacked. But what if no one is travelling.

Fortunately you could use the roadways bus service for this purpose. All you need to do is approach the nearest bus station, find out the bus who is going to the destination. Ask the conductor to carry the letter for you. For 100 rupees he will happily carry the latter. Don’t hand him the cash. Instead write on the envelop which is carrying the letter that on receiving of the latter hand over 100 rupees to the person. Take conductor’s phone number and share that number with the party who needs to sign the letter.

They can both can coordinate. The party can collect the letter and get that signed. They can then use the same approach to send the letter back.

I have personally used this system and can vouch for it’s effectiveness.