Ramayan - Few questions and answers

Like others, I have also been watching the repeat telecast of Ramayan. This time it looks even more beautiful and interesting than the last time when I saw it, many years back. This time around I am also trying to focus on the dialogues between various characters. But that focused listening has also opened up few questions. This blog is an attempt to answer those questions.

Question - असुर, राक्षस और दैत्य मे क्या अंतर होता है ?
Answer - There is no difference between असुर and दैत्य . They are synonyms. For असुर body and bodily pleasures are the most important thing. राक्षस is a life style. One who lives in dense forests and eats meat and drink blood. One who does not take showers, does not follow any body hygiene is राक्षस. One who kills the animals and then wear it’s skull caps are राक्षस. So any one by following that life style can convert oneself into राक्षस.

Question - राक्षस कुल है तो यह कुल क्या होता है ? रामायण मे राक्षस, नर और वानर कुल का उल्लेख है |
Answer - As mentioned above राक्षस are people who used to live in forests. These people will eat meat and will wear the skull caps of buffalo etc. Because of these skull caps these people are shown as having horns. राक्षस is not a कुल . नर is कुल . वानर is also a कुल . नर, असुर and देव have the same forefathers. One for who the body is the ultimate truth are called असुर. One for who the soul is the ultimate truth are called Dev. One who is not sure and understands that body is not truth but even than doesn’t believe that is like me a नर.

Question - रावण राक्षस कुल का था और पंडित भी था , इसका क्या मतलब है ? और क्या राक्षस छत्रिय वगैरह भी हो सकते हैं ?
Answer - By now the answer to this question should be very clear. राक्षस is not a कुल . राक्षस is defined by the life style. पंडित indicates Ravan was very learned. Yes छत्रिय can also be a राक्षस if that person is following the राक्षस life style.

Question - रावण ने सारे राक्षस कुल को लंका मे बुलवाया था, और कौन कौन राक्षस कुल मे तब था ?
Answer - This conversation/dialogue in Ramayana serial was not right. Instead of this, the dialogue should have been to called everyone in असुर कुल.

Question - प्रहलाद, राजा वलि आदि भी राक्षस कुल के थे ?
Answer - Like mentioned above प्रहलाद, राजा वलि etc were from असुर कुल and they were not राक्षस. Though they were born in असुर कुल but by their actions they were देव तुल्य as they believed in the existence of soul and were away from अहंकार.

Question - कपि और वानर एक ही हैं या कोई अंतर है ?
Answer - I am still looking for the answer. But I believe कपि and वानर are different. कपि were very strong and had immense power.

Question - अगर हम ये मान लें कि हुनमान कपि थे और जैसा कि कुछ लोग कहते हैं कि उनके पूँछ नहीं थी बल्कि एक आभूषण था जिसको लांगूल कहते हैं तो लंका में अग्नि काण्ड को कैसे समझा जा सकता है |