Points to remember during IEEE latex paper with bibtex

  1. In order to add subscript to text, I added package in latex file :

Then use I/textsubscript{gate} for Igate.
Note: /textsuperscript command comes by default with latex.

  1. To remove the error: Cant open stylefile IEEEtran.bst
    added full path of style file (without extension): IEEEtran/bibtex/IEEEtran

  2. Name of the conferences and journal papers should me renamed as the bibtex keywords. It will be helpful during citations.

  • To convert a png image to eps , command in linux:
    convert svl.png svl.eps

  • To place a figure at the bottom of the page:
    {figure} [b]

  • Added two macros for textsubscript and superscript: