Outlook mail searching - Custom Categories

Folder vs Outlook search

In the past I tried to organize the outlook mail box using various folders and setting up the rules so that mails can be routed to certain directories. But that experiment did not work out that well.

I believe the reason why it did not work out has some similarities with the failure of yahoo directories Yahoo! Directory - Wikipedia. It is pretty hard to categorize the information that by nature is unstructured.

Then I opted out to use text based search that the outlook provides and that has been working out pretty well.

Custom categories

  • To have more control over the search, one can also create custom categories. In my case I have created two categories
  • Action ( For the emails that I have to take some immediate action)
  • Information (I do not need to take any action and can go over them later)

  • Now we can categorize any mail by right clicking on the Categories columns and selecting the appropriate category.

  • A search can be done using the expression ‘category:’ like ‘category:action’

Search Criterias