Lines on grasshopper and ant story for kids

This is simple “Ant and Grasshopper” story for show and tell competition for LKG, UKG or nursery, KG or primary kids.

  1. One fine sunny morning, a grasshopper was singing merrily in a garden.

  2. At the same time, an ant was gathering some food.

  3. Grasshopper asked ant about the food.

  4. Ant said that this food is for winter.

  5. Grasshopper laughed and asked ant to enjoy the sunny season.

  6. Ant said that she will not waste her time.

  7. The next day they met again.

8.Ant was carrying rice grain on her back.

  1. Grasshopper again asked to enjoy the sun.

  2. Ant did not pay any attention to him.

  3. When winter came, ant had no food and shelter.

  4. He went to ant and begged him for some food and shelter.

  5. But, ant drove him away.

Moral : Always prepare for hard days to come.

Drawing for “Ant and Grasshopper Story” for kids