Latex Footnote with horizontal rule and without number

During copy-editing one of my journal paper written in Latex, I have to add a footnote mentioning manuscript history and authors information on the first page of paper. I tried \blfootnote for the footnote without number. A piece of code for a horizontal rule, above the footnote, was also used. But in the PDF file, footnote was positioned on the right side of page instead of left.

After few searches on various blogs and forums on LATEX, I find that the position of \blfootnote{…} in the tex file is important. Place \blfootnote{…} just after \maketitle.
Below is the piece of code for producing footnote without number, with a horizontal line and on the left side of two column paper.

  %%%%For footnote without number

    %%%%%%For Horizontal rule in the footnote
      \hrule \@width 2in \kern 2.6\p@} % the \hrule is .4pt high

\title{Test title}
\author{test author}

\blfootnote{This is test footnote}

After compiling tex file the result is: