Interaction Process in Somerville Noida

Hello ma’am, my son is scheduled for an interview with Somerville Noida this Tuesday,can you please guide me with the interaction process of Somerville Noida. My husband is working and i am at present a housewife.

Hello Ruchi,
In interaction, school may ask questions like:

Introduce yourself.
Describe your Child.
Why do you want to get into this school?
Give your views on homework.

Child can be asked about shapes, colors.
Greetings from child like - “Good Morning”, “Hello Maa’m”, “Thank You Maam”,… also have some points.
-All the best

Thank you ma’am for your valuable feedback.

Hello ma’am,my son finally made it to Somerville. We have already paid 60k in Cambridge. Now almost a similar amount has been asked to pay in Somerville Noida by Monday. Father Agnel forms are coming up on 25th August. Please suggest what should i do.

Ma’am please suggest should i settle down with Somerville or should i try father Agnel

Hello Ruchi,
Father Agnel is the one of the most sought after school in Noida. Among, Cambridge, Somerville and Father Agnel Noida, Father Agnel has the highest rank. You can try for Father Agnel, since you have already booked a seat in Cambridge.

Note: Ruchi, I want to clarify one thing that Father Agnel is ‘value for money’. If expenses are not a criterion, then Somerville, Noida ranks higher than Father Agnel, Noida.