How to Create Khan Academy Style Video Lessons On Linux

My wife wanted to create khan academy style video lessons for NCERT maths. I googled around and found few links that tell exactly what needs to be done to achieve that. Salman Khan, the brain behind Khan Academy, uses the combination of following three things to create the video lessons.

  • Wacom Bamboo Tablet
  • Smooth Draw software
  • Camtasia Studio

Here is a video url in which Sal Khan himself explains how to use the above mentioned tools to create amazing video lessons

But unfortunately all the above mentioned tools work only on wondows or mac platform. You will have to spent a little extra time or use alternatives to make them work on linux.

After spending few hours, I figured out and finalized the following tools for linux platform.

These tools are working fine for us and my wife is already posting videos using them.

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