Homemade Garam Masala Powder

Since last 8 years this particular homemade garam masala is my kitchen king. Without this powder I found myself helpless in my kitchen. Instead of using specific masala like Bindi masala, baigan masala, rajma masala , chola masala etc., this single masala powder can replace all the other masala powders.

Kaali mirch -250gms
Badi iliachi - 100gms
Laung - 50 gms
Javitri - 25gms
Jaiphal - 25gms
Tejpatta - 25gms
Daalchini - 50gms

Take all the above ingredients, make sure that they all do not have any moisture content (can be dried in sun for an hour), grind them in grinder. Store in airtight container.