Golgappa/pani puri recipe

Whatever may be the season - winter, summer, rainy, one thing which I cannot stop thinking about is eating pani-puri or Golgappa.

Nowadays, everybody is worried about the hygiene and health. In India, most of the people do not roadside pani-puri either because of the doubt of unhygienic preparations or because of the bad quality oil and spices used in making pani-puri. Even my husband does not Golgappa due to lots of spices used. Thus, I tried making panipuri at home.

Although in starting golgappa seems to be difficult in making but now after practicing 4-5 times I found them easy to make. Ingredients for golgappa are also, most of the time, available at home. One more advantage, of making pani puri at home is that I can eat them without counting :). I suggest you to make the golgappas at home…and enjoy them with your family…

Ingredients and method for making PURIs

  1. 1 cup wheat atta
  2. 1/2 cup maida
  3. 1/3 cup sooji
  4. Oil for frying

Take atta, maida and sooji and make medium tight dough of the mixture. The dough should not be very tight because the sooji will take its shape…keep the dough for 10 minutes covered with a moistened cloth. Knead the dough well again and now the dough is ready for making puris.

Method1 for making Puris:

Make small balls of the dough (1/10 of that of chapatti) and keep them covered with moistened cloth. Now heat the oil in Kadai…roll the balls and deep fry them.
Note that puri should be added in Kadai on high flame and then the flame should be turned low. Puri should be turned upside down and they are done when they have become brown in color.

Method 2 for making Puris:

Take a big roll of dough and roll like that of thin chapatti. Take a small cap of any bottle or jar and cut the round puri with the help of cap. Deep fry them.

Take the remaining dough left and repeat the above process.

I like method 1 of making puris, because I hate kneading the leftover dough again and again.

Let the puris cool down and store then in air tight container.

Ingredients and method for making pani:

  1. Tamarind paste 2 tbs
  2. Black salt according to taste
  3. Sugar or jaggery according to taste
  4. Roasted cumin seeds 1 tbs
  5. Green chilly paste according to taste
  6. Coriander leaves paste 1 tbs

Mix all the above ingredients. Add water as per the requirement. Chill it and serve with puris, boiled potatoes, yogurt.

If there is humidity in the environment, then the puris will become soft in a day or two so try to consume them as early as possible. In dry atmosphere these can be stored for a week.