Getting ready for a lost, stolen or dead mobile phone

If one can guarantee that his mobile phone will never be lost or stolen and it will never malfunction, then the backups and contact sync will not matter. But that is not the case always. Only last week my mobile phone was stolen when I was buying vegetables from a local vegetable market. In retrospect I was careless about keeping the mobile in my jacket’s front pocket. Fortunately for me I was well prepared for this day. So I did loose my mobile but I did not loose any of the data. I have been following the below mentioned practices for any bad mobile day.

Over here I am not specifying the actual process of doing a specific thing. Because the actual process might vary between various operating systems and even between various android variations. I am providing the pointers and then the actual process can be looked up in google.

Android Phone

  • Syncing up the mobile contacts with gmail account. This is done by creating a google account in your mobile and enabling sync up option for gmail and contacts.

  • Periodically backing up my messages using the ‘SMS Backup & Restore’ and ‘Add-on - SMS Backup & Restore’ application.

  • Using ‘Google Photos’ app to sync photos and videos to google drive.

  • Using ‘DriveSync’ application to sync up any local folder on your mobile with any folder in google drive

ios Phone