General method and tips while preparing Sookhi Sabzi/Dry Vegetable

This blog is about preparing any sookhi sabji (dry vegetables) at home. This is the common method and it can be used to prepare almost every sookhi sabzi.

  1. Take Lohe ki kadai. Put it in medium flame.
  2. Add 2-4 table spoon mustard oil. (for 1/2 kg vegetables, 4 spoon oil is sufficient. Add more or less depending upon your daily oil consumption)
    3.When mustard oil is hot, add 1 tbs zeera, pinch of hing.
  3. Now add chopped dry vegetables.
  4. Just after adding vegetable, add namak and haldi (1 tbs).
  5. Toss the vegetables.
  6. Add the lid on the pan. Put the gas on medium flame.
    8.Every after 2-3 min. make the vegetable upside down, so that the vegetables do not get stick on the base of the pan. Keep the lid again.
  7. Just check every time, whether the vegetables are done or not. As soon as the water in the vegetables is dried, remove the lid.
  8. Add dhaniya powder, lal mirch powder, amchur powder, garam masala powder. Toss the vegtables and let it there in the slow flame.
    11 After 3-4 minute add finely chopped dhaiya leaves.
  9. Remove the sabzi in some ther pan/container.

This sabzi is without onoin and garlic, if you want to add onion garlic, add after step 3.

Tips for tasty sabzi:

  1. Use lohe ki kadai.
  2. Do not add any amount of water for sooki sabji. It will cook with its own water content which will enhance the taste. This will take less time also.

Enjoy Cooking!!

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