Few Lines for essay on Janamashtmi

Here are few lines on Shri Krishna Janamashtmi:

  1. Krishna Janamashtmi is celebarted on the birth of Lord Krishna.
  2. On this day at Mathura, Devkiji have given birth to Shri Krishna.
  3. Immediately after His birth, Baba Vasudev have taken Krishna across Yamuna in Gokul, to protect Krishna from Kans.
  4. At Gokul, Krishna was bring up by Yashoda and Nandbaba.
  5. Janamasthmi is celebrated not only in India but also in the other parts of World.
  6. People keep fast during this day and prepare various sweets and dishes.
  7. At midnight, statues of baby krishna is bathed with milk, curd, honey, ghee and ganagjal.
  8. He is then clothed, decorated with flowers and chandan and put in a cradle.
  9. People dances and sing devotional songs (bhajans and kirtans) to show their happiness.
  10. Some people also dress up their kids like baby Krishna or baby Radha.

11.Janamashtmi is followed by Nand-utsav to celerbate the birth of Krishna at Gokul.
12. Haathi, Ghoda, Paalki, jai Kanahiyaa Lal ki