Father Agnel School, Noida Interview Questions - Nursery Admissions 2018-19


Questions to be answered in Father Agnel School, Noida while filling the online form are as below.
Answer briefly as max characters limit is 250 characters.

1. Why have you opted for this school?
Father Agnel Noida is one of the best school within the close vicinity of my residence which focus on overall development of student.

**2. Would you willingly agree with the principles of equality,love, brotherhood and discipline required for such a growth, which are central to the school?
Yes, these humanitarian values must be inculcated from the very beginning.

3. What are your expectation from the school and the teachers with respect to your child?

  • Committed, happy and effective teaching staff
  • A safe school environment
  • Intellectual and emotional growth fostered by the school
  • Strong home/school communication
  • A fun and supportive school environment
  • To be involved and ‘kept in the loop’

4. Does your child suffer from a disability or ailment where the school has to be cautions in handling him/her?

5. In what ways can you help the school in improving education (can you Provide career guidance, medical support, management counsultancy, subject expertise & resource mobilzation)?
Mother can provide guidance in academics and Father in software field.

6. What values would you like us to inculcate in your child?
Honesty, Justice, Consideration, Determination, Humble towards elders and nature. Respect for elders, Respect for nature, Empathy towards others, An positive and morally correct attitude towards any situtation

7. In case both the parents are working, who looks after your child in your absence?
Mother is non-working

8. Is there any suggestion you would like to make to the school, about its norms and procedures or anything that would help education in general and the school in particular?
Norms and Procedures are well defined.

9. Do you have any concrete ideas to improve education in the school or at large?school in particular?
Primary education should be enjoyable and non-judgemental

Once your form gets shortlisted, you are called for an interaction. In the interaction a form is provided in which you are asked the following questions.

  1. In which ways you can provide guidance to students using seminars and workshops?
  2. In which ways you can help the school in school events like sports meet etc?
  3. Can you financially support the school in its social cause like distribution of goods to poor?
  4. In case of any emergency with which subjects you can help the school academically?

Then in the face-to-face interactions we were asked the following questions.

  1. Why do you want this school for your kid? This is a very important question as this was asked twice from us in the same interaction.
  2. Would you continue to stay in the current residence which is closer to school.
My journey to nursery admission in Noida and Indirapuram(Ghaziabad)

any other info about filling the form of Father angel school, Noida.


The form does not have copy-paste option. Alteast in my time (2018-19) it was missing.
So one can take a print-out of all the answers given above. While filling the form, the answers are ready with u so you can fill the form easily.
Try to fill all the answers and do not leave any blank answers.
All the Best!


Hi. Plz can. U tell me/guide me which one u selected and why?. As I am in d same situation. And if I can have a word with u.