DD-WRT(linux based firmwares for routers) - TP-LINK WR841N

Router Flashing

Flashing a router means installing a new open source firmware on the router.

dd-wrt is a well known linux based firmware that can be installed on the router.
I will suggest purchasing a new router for this purpose so that even if you stone your router, you will still have access to internet via your old router.
I purchased tp-link wr841n router from Nehru Place for 1100 rupees.
You need to make sure that the router you purchased is supported for dd-wrt.

  • Type your router make and model to search for the dd-wrt support.

Now once you have the router available, you can go ahead with flashing it.
I followed the following blog which provides detailed instruction for the flashing.
Please follow steps 1 and 2 of this blog Installing DD-WRT on the TP-LINK TL-WR841N
Once you are done running Step 1 and 2, follow the below steps to setup the router.

Router Setup

  • Under Basic Setup(WAN Connection Type), provide the connection type, user name and password supplied to you by your ISP.

  • Under Basic Setup(DHCP section), provide the DNS server’s addresses. You must have this from your ISP.

  • Go to Wireless(Basic Settings), provide a SSID.

  • Go to Wireless(Wireless Security), select security mode and shared key.

  • Go to Status(WAN) and make sure that you are able to connect to internet.

That’s about it. You have an open source linux router firmware installed on your box.

Router Fun

  • Login to router over SSH and you will have the following at your disposal. The power of shell. I am in tears.

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