Choosing a router for DD-WRT firmware upgrade

To be able to use all of the DD-WRT fearures, the router hardwre has to support it.
Few things that one should keep in mind.

  • Router must have 8mb flash

  • It should preferably have Broadcom chipset and not Atheros. Atheros based hardware does not support all the features and evetually one will have to invest in Broadcom based routers.

I learened this hardway. After installing dd-wrt on TP-LINK WR841N router, I realized important fetures were missing and moreover I was unable to install any additional packages. Then I invested into Asus RT N16 which has been working fine for me.

I had the following issues with TP-LINK WR841N.

  • File system was read only.
  • Radio signal option was not available so that I can turn off the wireless signals in the night.
  • Couldn’t install any packages as file system was read only.

My analysis on router manufactures

  • D-Link: No Broadcom chip set is available on routers that are available in indian market.
  • TP-Link: No Broadcom chip set routers.
  • Linksys: Expensive routers and not good user experiences.
  • Netger: I have found routers not so reliable.
  • Asus: In my opinion Asus routers are best.

Please refer to Supported Devices - DD-WRT Wiki to know about your router hardware.