Bringing some organization into professional life of a software engineer

How to stay organized in life is very important. After working for many years in the industry, I realized that my experience was increasing but probably my knowledge wasn’t. I took a step back and did some introspection and I realized that I wasn’t spending enough time in organizing the knowledge in my brain. I think brain is like a home which can have huge quantity of information/objects. But unless that information is neatly arranged and organized, it is more like clutter only. I took the following steps that have helped me and these could of help for others as well.

  • Install KeePass ( on your machine and store all the passwords in that. So that you don’t have to spend time in recovering the lost passwords when you need to access any portal or any system. Don’t use KeePassX because KeePass has many plugins that will be required in future so stick with KeePass.
  • Maintain one Evernote account to store the notes that you require quite often. Organize Evernote into multiple notebooks like one for linux, one for aws etc.
  • Create small samples of the programs on the concepts that you have learned and maintain these samples in git repository. If you don’t want to create a new repository then join the one that I have created at github GitHub - freemindscafe/samples-jdk
  • Prepare for some certificate exams and try to add one certificate per six month in your profile.
  • Do invest in some books. It’s easier to read from a book than from a device. And you don’t have to worry kids spoiling your device or your food spoiling your device.
  • You can’t do all the learning on your own. So ask around for learning and compile that information in git repository or in Evernote.
  • Find a partner for the morning walk with who you can discuss the technical topics. This will make walks more interesting.
  • Purchase a linux journal subscription (

Most important, review the above mentioned items once in a month at least and ensure that you are following all the above stated points. In first few months you will realize that its not easy to be organized, but once you do the above say for 6 months then you will think how did you survive so long with out being organized.