Bibtex Error: Can't Open Style file IEEEtran.bst

I had two files:

  1. “abc.tex” (latex file)
  2. bibfile.bib" (bibliography file)

During my run to create the bibliography I did the following steps:

  1. latex abc.tex
    2.bibtex abc.aux

But, I get the following bibtex error:

This is BibTeX, Version 0.99c (TeX Live 2009/Debian)
The top-level auxiliary file: gateleakagepaper.aux
I couldn’t open style file IEEEtran/bibtex.bst
—line 5 of file gateleakagepaper.aux
_ : \bibstyle{IEEEtran/bibtex

_ : }_
I’m skipping whatever remains of this command
I found no style file—while reading file gateleakagepaper.aux

I order to remove the error:
I added the full path of style file (without extension) in the latex file.

Here, the path of style file ,IEEEtran.bst is: IEEEtran/bibtex/IEEEtran.bst

Thus mention the path like this:

It removes the error and just run fine.