Beleive it or not - GOD exists!

India is a place where Ramayan and Mahabharat takes place. E ach and every person over here must have read and listen about the stories of these epic. Some people take them as stories while the others treat them as REAL stories, the stories of Shree Ram and Shree Krishna.

I have mentioned my strong belief in Lord Krishna in my previous post “My favourite Lord Krishna” . But people might think these type of faith as BLIND faith. Yes, if ones belief is a BLINDED one then that is the most required thing needed by GOD himself. It is been read in some article, that God gets power only from the prayers by his disciples. So more are the prayers, God becomes more strong and powerful.
Pray Pray and Pray not for the material things but to get closer to God. Feel Him, understand Him and then one can see the changes in himself and his life too.