A very bad experience with Siddhivinayak Furniture

This blog details my distressing experience with Siddhivinayak Furniture, a store operated by the two brothers. Both of them are very unreliable and have caused me significant mental distress.


On April 5, 2023, I entrusted them with an advance payment of 20,000 rupees for a bookshelf order. Regrettably, I have not received this order. For the seven months, they consistently made false promises and provided fabricated excuses. These excuses ranged from claims of labor shortages and increased costs to alleged restrictions due to G20 events and factory closures.

At the end I had to stay put in their shop and got another bookshelf which did not meet my requirements and was of lesser amount, just to cover my money. I got that on October 8th. I was promised that once my actual bookshelf is ready, they will handover that to me. Obviously that has not happed yet till Feb-24. I am not sure that will never happen.

I have included a screenshot of the UPI payment made on April 5, 2023, for your reference.

Additionally, I have attached screenshots of conversations between myself with Deepanshu Mishra.

I urge you to exercise caution and avoid this shop at all costs. .