21 days lock-down

As we all know that there is lock down situation in our country because of covid-19.
IT folks like me are mostly working from home.
I am grateful to the nature of my work and technologies that allows me to work from home.

When I started doing the work from home and knowing that no domestic help will be available at home, I was pretty afraid. I thought that it will be very very difficult. Today is 25th March and it has been more than 7 days of me doing the work from home and helping my wife in house hold activities. Till now I guess it is not that bad and working well for me.

In fact I do see various advantages of the entire situation.

  • I am at home so I can be around the kids at any time. Kids seem to be happy with this arrangement as of now and so do I.
  • Sometimes my daughter and son crave about going out. That is the toughest part to handle. As of now I have asked my daughter to note down the number of days on a blank sheet that have passed. And once we are done with the lock down period (which now seems a distant dream) we will go out. As of now the count says 2, once the count will reach to 21 we will go out (let’s see).
  • I had also bought about 2 kg of wheat before the lock-down. I cleaned up all my pots and have put wheat in them. My kids every day will go and check the pots. That surely is keeping them busy and excited. I am also excited, I can see the sprouts. Growing wheat looks like the easiest thing, these plants are tough and very easy to grow :slight_smile:
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