2-BHK Flat wall painting expenses


To paint a house is exciting as well as tiring job. Selection of color takes a toll on your mental health. When we were going through the process, I rememeber to mentally paint my house umpteen number of times to get a perfect combination. During those days, even in my dreams, I was painting my flat with different color combinations which was making me tired even in my sleep.

2BHK flat painting area:

In my drawing room one wall had a glass door with very less painting area.
In two of my rooms one wall had the glass door with very less painting area and the other side had the wooden almirah throughout the wall.
Two bathrooms have tiles throughout the wall hence no painting job was needed.
Kitchen have wardrobes in most of the area with few stripes of walls.
My flat has 4 small balconies to be painted.


. For a 2bhk flat of size 1230 sq feet following should be the breakup (with single painter)

  • 15 days of labour ( 500 Rupee per day ) ~ 8000 Rupees
  • 10 litre of Asian Luxary Emulsion for walls ~ 4000 Rupees
  • 10 litre of Asian premilum emlusion for celing ~ 3000 Rupees
  • 10 litre of Asian Apex Altima ~ 2000 Rupees
  • 5 Kg of JK Wall Putty - Rs. 200
    -Miscellaneous - Rs.2000 (brushes, white cement, stairs (rent), tripaal)

Total Cost for 2bhk flat should be Rs. 20,0000/- approximately

Even if the rooms are of a bit different size and if they have more walls to be painted, the total paintig cost should not differ by more than Rs.2,000/- to 3000/-

I opt the contarctor and gave the contract to Bhasker Contractor. He charged me 28000 Rupees for the complete work. In retrospect now when I have the idea about all the costs, this was at a higher side.
If I had hired the the pianters and gave them the material, I could have easily saved 8000 Rupees. But if one plans to go without contractor then they will have to do the following:

  • Arrange all the paints, putty, sand paper etc. These can be purchased in bulk. One will just have to visit any local paint shop and all these materials will be easily available.
  • Arrange for a Nasaini ( Two ladders which form an cross. Painters will stand on top of these and will do the painting). I havn’t explored but I belive the same paint shops will make them available on Rent. Or the painters may bring it with them.
  • 3-4 tripaal (plastic cover) for covering the furniture etc.
  • I am not sure about the brushes. I believe we will have to make them available.
  • Once painting is done you will have some paints left, few sand papers, putty etc. You can store them else hand these thing back to painter for free. They will take them with them.


Roughly it takes aroud 1 litre of paint on 100 sq feet area. If the wall is getting painted for the very first time then it will consume double that amount i.e 2 litre. On walls one should choose for Asian Royal Luxury emulsion, On roof Asian Premium emulsion, For balconies Apex Altima is a good choice.

Bhasker Contractor (Mo: 9873285864) is a bit higher side but do provides the skilled painter. The painting job was very neatly done. The painters packed everything almirahs, air conditioners, fancy lights etc so that these things don’t get paint spots. Once done they cleaned the room nicely. They were very well behaved painters.

If one wants to hire the painter and want to enjoy the complete process then Muzzafer (Mo:9582189334) is a good painter. Babu raam painter is also a good one and ca be hired.

My overall experience was good expect for the money that has been charged a bit more. But, then I was just siting in my flat observing the things. So, there is a tradeoff between money and hardwork.

Enjoy painting!!!