"NOT TO DO" list in while staying in Noida/Indrapuram


This blog is to list down all those places in Noida as well as in Indirapuram which should be avoided.

  1. Atta Market, Noida. This is the most crowded and haphazard place to visit. No. of shops on the footpath is more than the no. of actual shops.There is no space to walk properly as well as tight with respect to car parking. Women can find some attracting stuffs like footwears, bags, suits etc in very less prices but they are of poor quality.

  2. Noida Sector 18. Although this place has good brands for clothes, shoes etc, but as of now whole place is under construction.

  3. DLF Mall, Noida. Avoid this place during weekends due to heavy rush. One need some space either for shopping or for enjoying good food.

  4. John Bakery, Indirapuram. This place has nothing fresh to eat. Pastries, pizza, etc also taste bad. The ambience is also not the same as before.

  5. Windsor Food court, Indirapuram. This place is unhygienic. Lots of open drains is at boundary of the market and thus really sucks. This place is not for pure vegetarians as a lot of non-veg stuff is served and is presented outside the shops.

  6. Aditya Mall - This is really a gloomy mall with very less lights and few shops. Not a place for foodies.


Hi. Plz can. U tell me/guide me which one u selected and why?. As I am in d same situation. And if I can have a word with u.