How to choose a school for nursery admission in Noida/Indrapuram


This blog is for all those residents who have to choose a school among various schools in Noida or Indirapuram.

The schools in Noida which are most sought after are:

  1. Amity International School, sector 44 ( )
  2. Bal Bharti public school , sector 21 ( )
  3. Vishwa Bharti Public School
  4. Delhi Public School
  5. Somerville School
  6. Khaitan School
  7. Pathways School
  8. Sri Ram Millenium School
  9. Lotus Valley School
  10. Cambridge School
  11. Apeejay School
  12. Father Agnel School
  13. Indus Valley Public School

Some good schools in Indirapuram are:

1.St. Francis
2. Amity International School, Vasundhara, sector 6
3. Amity International School, Vasundhara, sector 1
4. Cambridge School
5. Ralli International School

All the schools listed above are good in terms of studies and extracurricular activities.

Frequently asked questions regarding which school to choose among so many schools in Noida/Indirapuram are as below.

Q1. Forms of how many school should one fill in order to book a seat for nursery?
Forms of all the schools are not posted on a single day. First choose the schools that you want your child to get admitted based on location and fees. Fill those forms one by one as soon as they are posted on school’s website. On an average a parent has to 3-6 forms till a seat is booked for nursery.

Q2. Which school shall I choose for nursery admission?
All the schools listed above are good in terms of academics. Please choose school according to the fees and location, student-teacher-ratio of the school. First fees should be taken into consideration.

Q3. What is the difference between the new schools and old ones in terms of studies?
Although most of the schools are CBSE based, still teaching pattern may differ from school to school. Few schools like Amity follow the international pattern like focus on english reading, no exams, no home-work till fifth class. Child assessment is based on daily basis. Schools like Father Agnel focuses on english writing, daily homework etc.

Q4. Why there is more fees in some schools while less in another?
The fees of the school depends upon the availability of air-condition in class/school/school-bus, facility of food provided to students, teacher-to-student ratio, brand-name of the school.

Q5. Does the type of school matters in building the future of my child ?
In some schools where student-teacher-ratio is high the average child will not be noticed. Whereas, if student-teacher-ratio is less, all the students are equally focused by the teachers.

There may be some other good schools which have been missed out. Parents are free to add the school name in the comments section.


Hi! Smita,

I need small help from you. We are residing in Noida Extension and my office is in Noida 62. The schools here in noida extension are all new.
Till now I have applied in 4 schools.
1st Indus Valley Public School in which he got selected.
2nd Father Agnel Noida - Not selected
3rd Cambridge Noida - Interview is in Sep
4th Somerville Noida - Not received any call.

Indus Valley - bus route available for our locality.
FASN - Bus route was not available
Cambridge Noida- Bus route not available

My son liked the school of Indus Valley in 1st visit, compared to FASN. Still I am wondering about his reaction for both the schools.

Can you please help me with the reviews of Indus Valley Noida?

I have herd and read good things for FASN & Cambridge Noida as these are old schools and fees are less compared to others. But not found any reviews for Indus Valley.



Hello smita,
I kindly request you to help me to choose best school to get admission in primary for session 2020-21 in indirapuram as my budget is 6-9 thousand per month.

My ward is selected in amity vasundhra 6, but fees structure is high(is it best school inreference to fees? ,pls clearly suggest me as u already passed through this)

What ur opinion about St. terrasa pls suggest me.

I applied for St. thomas,Cambridge,waiting for their interview call n father agnel has not selected us.

Please suggest us other best school apart from above according to my budget.


Hello Sweta,
Given a choice, Cambridge school, Noida may be better than Indus valley school, Noida.
But, if you want to keep your kid near to your office than Indus valley school will definitely suits you.
There are less reviews for Indus valley school because of relatively less competition than other schools like FASN, Cambridge, Amity etc.
Indus Valley is a good school and if it suits you in terms of fees, location etc. than u can get you get into it.
FASN is a convent school with less fess while Cambridge school is an old school with great history. Thus most sought after.


Hello MoniKa,
I really had very good reveiws about St. Teresa School, Indirapuram. Its a convent school with less fees.
Amity schools has low student-teacher ratio and are international schools. So, there teaching methodologies differ. Thus there fees are on the higher side.

Among the schools which you have listed down, St. Thomas and St. Teresa are convent schools while Cambridge is a non-convent school.
You can also go for St. Francis. It is the most sought school in indrapuram.


  1. Drop Amity Vasundhara if fees does not suits.
  2. List whether a convent or a non-convent school has to be sought.
  3. Cambridge is a good school - go for it, if selected.
  4. Among convent schools , order of prference should be St. Francis> St. Teresa>St. Thomas



Thanks Smita for your valuable feedback.

I am also exploring St John’s school in Greater Noida Extension.
Registration for Nursery 2020-21 will start from Sep. It is new school. The classes are from nursery to IX.
Searched for the reviews of the school,but couldn’t able to find any.



Thank you smita for ur prompt reply.

May I know ur review about Indira puram public school.


Hi Smitha,

Which one is good among Fr. Agnel, Sec. 62 Noida and Khaitan School Noida?

Regards - Hemant


For education, an established schools provides much better environment for kids as compared to new schools.


Thank you Smita for your guidance. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Hemant,
Khaitan School Noida is better at sporting infrastructure i.e. Sports.
Father Agnel school is value for money and has more focus on academics.



Indrapuram Public school is an average school just similar schools in tier2 and tier 3 cities.


Hi smita , my daughter got selected in st francis indirapuram …pls tell me the reviews abt this school… as i got from sum other parents there will be very much burden on child…


Hello Varsha,
St. Francis is good school with focus on academics as well as extra curricular activities.
Yes, they give homework on daily basis, which may bother some parents and kids.


Thank you smita for ur feedback


Thanks Smita for your valuable feedback. We opted for Khaitan, Noida for better sporting facilities. The avg. result from past couple of years is vis-a-vis equivalent when compared with Father Agnel, Noida.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Regards - Hemant


That’s great !! Congrates!!


Hi smita

Firstly, I want to thank you for doing a great deed by helping parents this way.

I am residing in indirapuram
My son got selected in st.thomas school, indirapuram and I have deposited admission fees rs 83200 as well.
I had applied for fr.agnel noida as well, but son did not got selected,
I am concerned if in case my son gets shortlisted in second list of father agnel, should i go for it ? and should sacrifice the admission charges given at st.thomas.I mean will it be worth?

I heard that Fr.agnel noida is far better school compared to St.Thomas indirapuram.
Have mixed reviews about st.thomas,indirapuram.



Hello John,
Thank you so much for appreciating the efforts!!

If you get shortlisted in Father Agnel, Noida, then just go for it. Its has very good reviews, as compared to other convent schools in indirapuram, in terms of :

-Good and well behaved staff
-Good balance of academics and extracurricular activities according to child’s age.
-Safety measures taken by the school

Hope it helps!!



Hi Smita

Means you suggested to sacrifice on the admission fess of st. thomas indirapuram, which I have already paid?